Tuesday, 3 April 2012

the next body is to be a bit of a patchworky mixture of tights which are stitched together around the structures of the body parts and then coated in layers of latex in order to fix the shape. I then peel away the resultant skin in order to reconstruct the body as a kind of stuffed doll with a  stiff wire frame which can be shaped and manipulated.

so as you can see each body bit is constructed separately in order to then be pieced together afterwards. it's kind of a long way around but  it's also the only possible one as it's not an option to construct the whole body in one go as materials wont allow, also as every cloud is supposedly lined with silver there are numerous benefits to this process, as i would have to make so many individual cuts to remove the skin from the whole body that i may as well just do it this way.

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