Saturday, 31 March 2012

piecing bits together

so this is the process used to make the first body, never having enough clay around to be able to sculpt the whole thing in order to cast from means it has to be done piece by pice and then joined up afterwards, this initial one acts as a kind of dress pattern from which i can work out a system to make the next.

the legs have been borrowed from a more than willing mannequin donor, however she was far too skinny for my tastes so i've had to meat her up a bit, especially around the bum/hip zone, if this is to be the mighty amazonian woman warrior i picture then there has to be some god damn power behind those thighs!

the miraculous bust. its been a bit of a struggle getting the right shape for these, again without having enough clay to spare, what i ended up doing was filling giant balloons with plaster and waiting until it was just 'going-off' and then forming with my hands the desired shape. it took quite a few goes, then i had to try and make a matching pair, but i got there in the end.

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