Monday, 7 May 2012

found a wooden CD rack, jumped on it a little, broke it up a bit, and then a bit more. afterwards stitched some strongly discoloured, or should I say stained, piece of old lace - found in some gutter or other - around the wooden skeleton, then spined all the lacey ribs together with good old handy wire. that's a body, or is it a fish? or just plain old skin and bones, whatever it is it's bound to have personality - and in this case, by the looks of things, a bad one - if you give it a face, so that's exactly what I did: with big juicy bubba lips; a bit of ken doll mutilation to make some little piranha fangs; then a kind of saucy kind of scary looking one-eye I borrowed off a wonky looking rocking horse. e voila. but the pictures aren't really good enough to make him out in any kind of glory and I no longer have him in my possession, which is a shame. sad-one-eyed-fish-face @(

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